About Me

Jerilyn is someone who brings order and clarity to everything she does and everyone she works with – with grace and a smile. Her passion for organizing others started early. “When I was a little girl, if I had troubles sleeping I would get up in the middle of the night and start to label my parents’ cassette tape collection!”

After facing some challenging circumstances as a young woman including the loss of a parent, Jerilyn realized how much value there was in having support through life’s transitions.

Gaining a business degree provided Jerilyn with the grounding and knowledge of how to service small and mid-sized businesses. Her career in the oil and gas industry further enabled her to hone her skills and expertise including operations, budgets and taxes. When her colleagues began to approach her, trying to coax her into sorting out their personal home or business environments, Jerilyn took a leap of faith and in 2005 and Please Organize My Life was born.

Jerilyn now brings her formidable experience and know-how to every project – nothing is too big – or too messy – for her to tackle.

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