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Please Organize My Divorce

Lets face it this past year has been difficult. Life can get messy. Our team of coaches, mediators, lawyers, realtors, mortgage brokers and psychologists can assist you if you are separated or if you have already finalized your divorce. In the middle of this rough patch we will assist you with the decision making steps required to create a new life.

I would be honored to help you with:

  • Assistance with helping you find and move into your new home
  • De-cluttering, packing and unpacking your possessions
  • Practical research assistance for new utilities and insurance policies
  • Creating a budget for your new life

"My organized documents are coming in very handy as I have been going through my separation… I can easily find important information as work towards presenting my 15 year, financial story to my divorce accountant and lawyer. They were impressed and I have to thank you for that.”

- Kathryn W

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