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Please Organize My Life is a company devoted to helping you better manage your time and your possessions. By de-cluttering your physical space we help you get back some mental bandwidth. Each of our divisions targets specific areas and we customize each project to match your priorities. It would be a privilege to work with you and I encourage you to reach out for a free no obligation consultation so you can begin to move your life forward.


About Me

Jerilyn is someone who brings order and clarity to everything she does and everyone she works with – with grace and a smile. Her passion for organizing others started early. “When I was a little girl, if I had troubles sleeping I would get up in the middle of the night and start to label my parents’ cassette tape collection!”

After facing some challenging circumstances as a young woman including the loss of a parent, Jerilyn realized how much value there was in having support through life’s transitions.

Gaining a business degree provided Jerilyn with the grounding and knowledge of how to service small and mid-sized businesses. Her career in the oil and gas industry further enabled her to hone her skills and expertise including operations, budgets and taxes. When her colleagues began to approach her, trying to coax her into sorting out their personal home or business environments, Jerilyn took a leap of faith and in 2005 and Please Organize My Life was born.

Jerilyn now brings her formidable experience and know-how to every project – nothing is too big – or too messy – for her to tackle.

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Please Organize My Business

Running a business takes a lot of guts and a lot of work. There are a lot of things you probably don’t really enjoy doing that are staring you in the face. If you have some receipts under the floor mat in your truck it might be time to hire a personal assistant.

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Please Organize My Life

Is life leaving you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Do you walk into your house and sigh as there are too many projects left undone? Are you feeling like you really need a hand to get started? Perhaps you have just spent so much time at home lately that you are ready to get things done...

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Please Organize My Parents

Are you struggling with not having the time to give your parents the support they need? Do you work full time and not have enough vacation days to get things sorted out? Perhaps you live out of town and are not able to physically assist them with their things to do list. We can help!

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Please Organize My Budget

Managing cash flow for your family or your business is a balancing act. Let us help you make a bi-monthly plan so that you can get back in control of your spending.

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Please Organize My Move

Moving is stressful. If you can’t sleep at night thinking of what still needs to be done it might be time to hire a professional organizer. Don’t lose out on a chance to capitalize on this real estate market by feeling like you just don’t have time to organize a move. I can work with my team of realtors, lawyers, and movers to ensure the process is seamless for you and your family.

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Please Organize My Divorce

Lets face it this past year has been difficult. Life can get messy. Our team of coaches, mediators, lawyers, realtors, mortgage brokers and psychologists can assist you if you are separated or if you have already finalized your divorce.

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Please Organize My Comeback

If your small business has been struggling we can provide you with some supports to help you bounce back after a difficult time. Our team will support you in three key areas: your mental headspace, your financials and your marketing. We will provide the coaching you need to navigate your business through the rough patch.

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“Thank you for your support. You make a huge difference in my life. You are pleasure to be around."

- Veronica P

“Jerilyn, you are a rock star. Thank you very much for beginning to organize my life.”

- Kellie M

“I love how when you’re around, things get done!”

- Rebecca O

“I just want to say how much of a help and blessing you’ve been to our family. Appreciate you so much!”

- Beth Anna V

"Jerilyn is more than someone who packs boxes and organizes shelves. She uses her skills to partner with you in how you can use YOUR skills to organize your life and maximize your opportunities by making the most of your time and space. Consulting Jerilyn and having her working alongside me has helped remove the stress and the overwhelming feeling of knowing that there are unmanaged tasks that pile up daily. I feel that my mental energy is freed up to pursue the goals that are really important: not just the urgent tasks that consume a lot of time and energy, and seem to never get done."

- Carmen J (Education Consultant)

Keeping You Safe

Feeling safe isn’t just about wearing a mask. At Please Organize My Life we strive to ensure your physical and emotional safety are being considered at all times. Prior to an in person appointment we will have a phone call with you to discuss what protocols we have put in place for your visit. We kindly ask that you keep us updated should your preferences change throughout the project.

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