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Moving is stressful. If you can’t sleep at night thinking of what still needs to be done it might be time to hire a professional organizer. Don’t lose out on a chance to capitalize on this real estate market by feeling like you just don’t have time to organize a move. I can work with my team of realtors, lawyers, and movers to ensure the process is seamless for you and your family. We start with a 3 hour minimum and can help manage the project from A to Z. If you are short on time our customized approach will guide you through the whole relocation experience.

I'd Be Honored To Help You With:

  • De-cluttering your home in preparation for the sale
  • Coordinating the move process with the realtor, photographers, handyman and movers
  • “Day of” supervision of the movers so you don’t have to take additional time off work
  • Packing and unpacking assistance to set up your new home properly

"Jerilyn is more than someone who packs boxes and organizes shelves. She uses her skills to partner with you in how you can use YOUR skills to organize your life and maximize your opportunities by making the most of your time and space. Consulting Jerilyn and having her working alongside me has helped remove the stress and the overwhelming feeling of knowing that there are unmanaged tasks that pile up daily. I feel that my mental energy is freed up to pursue the goals that are really important: not just the urgent tasks that consume a lot of time and energy, and seem to never get done."

- Carmen J (Education Consultant)

“Thank you for your support. You make a huge difference in my life. You are pleasure to be around."

- Veronica P

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